What results are other Brokers getting? Part 3

Ray Simpson, Mortgage Australia, NSW “After creating a good rapport with clients, and when I know they have a good feeling about what I am recommending, I bring out the book as our gift for seeking our advice. I explain that we wrote it to help our clients better understand… Read more

What results are other Brokers getting? Part 2

Sharlene Gratte Eversharp Financial Services, WA “After a few months of joining David and Mortgage Australia I now have six real estate agents who I have created co-branded versions of the book with that hand them out to their buyers and sellers for me. As much as I didn’t want… Read more

What results are other Brokers getting? Part 1

I’ve given some examples of my own experience with using my book and our educational marketing approach overall. However, as I’ve said, the book needs to work for you as an individual broker, which is why we create individualised versions for brokers and our referral partners. Below is a picture… Read more

Your Book Is Your New Best Friend 6

It gets you free publicity It is the perfect tool for holding seminars and attracting people to them My goal with my book isn’t to promote myself, but rather for all the benefits of it to be available to the Brokers that work with me. So I have held back… Read more

Your book is your new best friend 5

It Increases referrals from referral partners “Either you’re going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant” – Seth Godin Once you have set up a new referral relationship, you need to actually get them referring to you. You need to give them a simple process for when and… Read more

Your book is your new best friend 4

It creates strong new referral relationships What we need to do with all our referrers is to build their businesses. They want to look good to their clients and they want more clients, just like we do. The Brokers that work with me use the book to create new referral… Read more

Your book is your new best friend 3

It is true leverage Leverage is your ability to recreate or multiply yourself, in some format, so by doing one thing you are actually doing many things. For us it is all about communication. It’s much better to communicate meaningfully with many people at once than just one. If you… Read more

Your book is your new best friend 2

It has a great shelf life I’m pretty sure that every brochure and booklet you’ve given to clients is probably in land-fill somewhere by now. It may have lasted in their home for a few days or weeks, but eventually someone cleared up and either threw it out or stuck… Read more