Reason why mortgage broker should listen more and talk less 1

There are a number of reasons for this: It sets that stage for you to become their Trusted Advisor “Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you.” – Heather Williams It’s up to you to define the relationship from the outset. When your client has come… Read more

Listen More, Talk Less

“Let go of the traditional sales goal of ‘making the sale’ and replace it with a new goal: to discover the truth of your potential client’s situation.” – Ari Galper Your first goal is finding out from your potential client the truth of their current situation. Only then can you know… Read more

What is ‘Sales’?

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” – Richard Branson In terms of timing, I have defined the Initial Marketing of your business as the things you do to make a client open to… Read more