Starting or Upgrading Your Career in Mortgage Broking?

Mortgage Australia provides superior support and client engagement systems to our Mortgage Brokers so you can in turn provide the highest quality service to your growing client base.


Being a highly profitable Mortgage Broker requires two key elements:

  1. Proven methods and tools that consistently attract new clients and retain existing ones.
  2. Providing clients with a high quality service with little time and effort for you.

Watch these two videos to discover exactly how we give that to you.

When you are finished, click here to read about many of the proven resources we offer.


In the video above you will discover how we help you with:

  • Getting an immediate ‘wow’ from the new prospective clients you meet – Mortgage Broking is a lot easier when you start with a great first impression.
  • The Four Key Components of a successful Broking Business – most Aggregators focus on only one or two at most, which is why so many new brokers fail, but we give you support in all four.
  • Stop being seen as a salesperson – use our systems and you won’t be an ‘annoying pest’. Instead, be a ‘welcome guest’ worthy of your clients’ respect from the very start, the way a professional Mortgage Broker should be.
  • Moving people who aren’t ready to do a loan right now to come back to you when they are ready – our automatic system does this for you.
  • Giving your clients an effortless way to recommend to your friends – no more awkward asking for referrals, our method is easy, costs almost nothing and is welcomed by your clients.
  • Practical tools for turning customers into lifelong clients.
  • Real, proven tools to win referral partners, even when they already have a broker they are working with.
  • Free ways to be found online by local borrowers.
  • How to build your online reputation and all important ‘Star Rating’.
  • Automatically build your profile on Social Media.
  • The Three Step Educational Marketing process that actually works and is already prebuilt, branded to you and waiting for you to use.
  • Why every broker must become the ‘Visible Expert’ and how we help you do this.
  • The Psychology of Attraction and the Persuasion Formula – how this is the basis of the business systems we give you.
  • Stop doing your own loan processing and focus on your clients – we can even do this for you!
  • You don’t even need to brand as Mortgage Australia if you don’t choose to.

And much, much more …

Get a free copy of our 422 page book about building your broking business.

Mortgage Broking Lead Generation and Sales Mastery

David Ham Mortgage Australia“Get the same marketing and business systems I have used to generate 22,595 client inquiries and build a Mortgage Broking business that has settled 18,684 loans totalling $5.12 Billion.

I invite you to watch the video for mortgage brokers on this page where I will be revealing 10 of the lead generation, sales and business systems – and much more – that a limited number of brokers can access.

Aggregators give you the tools to be a mortgage broker, we give you the tools you need to both attract and delight clients that put you head and shoulders above the rest.”

– David Ham, BA Psych (Hons), Managing Director

When you have watched the video at the top of this page, just click the button below to schedule a phone call with me. As a bonus, after we speak I will mail you FREE copies of my two books.


There is a lot more support for your local Mortgage Australia Broker than meets the eye.

Behind the scenes is the largest Mortgage Broking company in Australia, providing access to cutting edge technology, ongoing training and education, and of course a huge range of lending options for you.

Your local Mortgage Australia Broker has a team of over 170 hand picked staff across Australia supporting them so we turn the chore of organising a loan into a fast, easy and professional experience for you.

Our lender panel covers over 90% of the nation’s total home loan volume. If you want a comprehensive choice of loans, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Borrowing made easy

EasyBroking: We have a unique system that reduces the time taken to produce a quality, compliant loan application by around two thirds. Maximise your income and earn two three times more per hour than other brokers. This is how you become a $100M Broker, a part time broker with a full time income or a new broker who looks like they have been broking for years.

2. The security of one of Australia’s largest Mortgage Aggregators

Benefit from the security and scale of one of Australia’s largest aggregators, the Australian Finance Group. AFG is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Your commissions are secure and AFG is constantly innovating and finding new ways to support their broker members. Mortgage Australia is one of AFG’s largest members and winner of their National Champion Broker Group Award.

3. Join a group that builds up it’s brokers members

Building You: Mortgage Australia’s sustained success, over 20 years in an ever-changing industry, is because our focus is on building the businesses of our member brokers.

Free Mortgage Broking: Lead Generation and Sales Mastery book and Bonus Business Building Resources

Mortgage Broking Lead Generation and Sales Mastery

Get the full 422 page eBook of Mortgage Broking: Lead Generation and Sales Mastery PLUS your Building You and Boost Lead Generation Guides AND The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom!

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