Full Replay of Broker Lead Generation Webinar

David Ham

“I’d like to invite you to watch the full replay of our free webinar for mortgage brokers where I reveal 10 of the numerous lead generation and business systems that we offer for free to a limited number of brokers.

Using these same systems, I have personally generated 22,595 leads and have built a business that has settled 18,684 home loans totalling 5.12 Billion dollars.”

David Ham, BA Psych (Hons)

The great news is you don’t even have to learn and build these marketing and business systems. I’ve already worked out the ‘how’ and spent years putting them together, testing, enhancing and most importantly, proving them, in the real world.

These systems have been constantly refined and improved during my 16 years in the broking industry and are based on sound marketing principles derived from my educational background of an Honours Degree in Psychology and having completed the Masters of Organisation Psychology coursework – Mortgage Broking is a ‘people’ business first, and a finance business second.

You’ll discover the same systems that the 80 brokers who have already joined me use to meet all the key challenges we as brokers face every day, how to:

  • attract more prospects,
  • convert those prospects into clients,
  • educate your clients on your long-term value so they remain loyal to you
  • build and sustain professional referral partnerships,
  • get your clients referring their friends to you,
  • turn cold leads into warm ones,
  • get your clients to see you as their trusted home loan expert,
  • open doors and start conversations that lead to new home loans
  • and much more…

I also discuss the 6 key marketing and business principles that my lead generation is founded on, so you’ll understand why our methods keep working so well and always will.

  1. The 4 Components of A Complete Broking Business
  2. Three Step Educational Marketing
  3. Treat them as if they are already your client
  4. Become the Visible Expert
  5. The Persuasion Formula
  6. The Psychology of Attraction

I’m not going to try and sell you anything at the end and you don’t have to give up your independence or commissions to take part.

I have simply built a comprehensive set of systems that a limited number of brokers can use to accelerate their own businesses. You just add them into your existing business. I’ll explain everything in the webinar.

Just click play on the video above to watch the full webinar recording.