The three most powerful elements that will ‘make’ or ‘break’ the success of your advertising. It doesn’t matter which medium you advertise in, there are things that whisper – like background colour and font for example. And there are things that scream, including these 3 elements.

  • The Medium:

When you advertise, you need to make sure the right people read your promotional material – or it’s dead from the start. Think about it as if you were a salesperson. If you were selling to businesses, you would only call on business owners – not homeowners.

And it’s no different with advertising.

Think about whether your advertisement is going to be placed in a newspaper, a trade magazine, or if you are going to use direct mail.

Or are you going to opt for Facebook or Google Adwords? And if you are using these mediums, who specifically do you want to target?

What age range does your perfect client fall into?

Are they male or female?

Married or single?

The great thing about Facebook is you can specifically test how 30-35 year old men respond compared to 35-40 year old women

Let me give you an example. I know a guy who sells computer gear to business owners, IT managers and the like.

He was thinking of placing an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald – which would have cost him just under $2,000. The problem with this was that he would have been paying to reach a lot of people, and many of them would not have been business owners. It was also going to cost him an absolute fortune to make a test, when he could invest much less initially and reduce his risk.

Anyway, I chatted with him and he came to the conclusion he’d probably be better off advertising using Google Adwords, Facebook, business-to- business through fax streams, or via direct mail. That way he’d only be paying to reach people who were potential customers.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

But you’d be astounded by how often this happens. Truth is, you’ll get a better result from the worst ad in the best medium than you the best ad in the worst medium.

So, if you are selling surfing gear, advertise in surfing magazines not gossip mags. And if you want mortgage clients, think very carefully about WHO your best customers are – and then chase after more of them.