How to be seen as a home loan expert without saying a word

The single most important thing a broker can do is to instigate a real conversation with someone about home loans. Without that conversation nothing is ever likely to happen. Its the difference between making a $2,500 upfront commission plus trails, or making nothing. We all know from experience that telling… Read more

Here is the single big takeaway from our webinar

(If you haven’t yet watched our full webinar, just go to to book in.)   The big takeaway from our webinar that you may have watched recently is that I have answered this problem that we all face: “I need to spend more time working on my business and less time… Read more

Reviews of our webinar

Here are some of the comments from brokers who have attended our full webinar: “New brokers, and even older ones like me, will get a lot out of these innovations.” “It’s like drinking from a fire hose for me right now. Very impressive array of tools, David” “I’ve seen the… Read more

Proper Marketing makes Sales easy

One of the huge advantages of educational marketing — when done properly – is that your clients are now coming to you when they are ready, fully informed about you. There is far less sales ‘pull’ that you need to do and you have a lot less convincing, objection handling… Read more