You are your brand not the logo 2

For a brand to have any value it has to mean something to you when you see it. The brand should tell you what to expect from the company it represents. Building a brand that has any meaning to the general public is an incredibly difficult and expensive thing to… Read more

You are your brand not the logo 1

“Understand that you need to sell you and your ideas in order to advance your career, gain more respect, and increase your success, influence and income.” – Jay Abraham So how exactly should you be promoting yourself? I have a lot of discussions with Brokers about branding, which they often think… Read more

Trust, the merchandise of mortgage broker.

As a Mortgage Broker you are selling yourself. What you are trying to get people to buy is trust in you. As a Mortgage Broker you are trying to convince people that you are their best choice, out of the huge range of choices they have, including deciding not to… Read more

What do Mortgage Brokers really sell?

“Consumers buy the who, not the what” – Dan Kennedy Make no mistake, as a Mortgage Broker you are selling something. You are trying to get people to buy something and if they don’t buy it you will go out of business. What I find is that a lot of people… Read more

Are you a real estate agent or mortgage broker?

I believe Mortgage Brokers can learn a great deal by looking at one of the least trusted industries, Real Estate Agents. There are a lot of parallels between real estate agents and Mortgage Brokers, far beyond the fact that we are both involved in property transactions. When you think of… Read more

Protecting our Industry means Protecting our Clients 2

At a grassroots level, Mortgage Broking has opened up home and commercial lending to genuine market forces and true competition, resulting in a better deal for individual borrowers. Sometimes this is not as neat and tidy and easily controlled as regulators would like it to be. Which is not to… Read more