Its all about trust: Kinds of trust

To be more specific, there are two kinds of trust you are trying to create that I call ‘Ability Trust’ and ‘Personal Trust’. For them. Ability Trust The first question your client has when trying to find a Broker is ‘Can this person deliver a good result for me?’, ‘Does… Read more

It’s all about TRUST

“if people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” –  Zig Ziglar When taking your clients through the four systems of your business – Initial Marketing, Sales, Operations and Post Sales Marketing — what you are doing is proposing, building, proving and… Read more

Reasons why you should consider using your face as your logo 2

A personal touch in an impersonal world “It’s ironic, but true, that in this age of electronic communications, personal interaction is becoming more important than ever.” – Regis McKenna More and more, people are coming less into personal contact with each other. The more you can create a personal connection, the… Read more

You are your brand: The ideal branding for a mortgage broker

Given the limitations of logos and business names, what unique image and business name can you display that has the best chance of being remembered and can represent your business? I firmly believe that your face and your name is the answer. Your photo and name should be front and centre of… Read more

You are your brand: What about your Business name 2?

Actually I put that back to front, I should have said, ‘build your business name around your target market’ instead of ‘build your marketing around your business name. A fundamental concept that a lot of people get wrong is that you should look at what a particular group of people… Read more