Protecting our Industry means Protecting our Clients 1

As a bigger picture, I feel that the Mortgage Broking industry is extremely valuable to Australia. The Australian public are discovering this more every day and voting with their feet. Every year, a larger percentage of borrowers have used Brokers than the year before. I consider Mortgage Broking to be… Read more

The Effect of Personal Accountability

Most Mortgage Brokers are individual businesses or small businesses made up of a few people. This fact makes reputation far more important than it does for a company. A company with a bad reputation can fire staff and tell clients they are different now. An individual can’t do that so… Read more

It’s all about your Mortgage Broking System – Part 2

Also, it is in the Broker’s interests to protect the client from risky investments or borrowing too much. The best outcome, from a completely selfish perspective, is to help your client to safely build a profitable property investment portfolio with low cost financing. If the client fails at any stage… Read more

It’s all about your Mortgage Broking System – Part 1

I use the word ‘system’ a great deal, particularly in reference to marketing, but it is relevant to everything your business does. In fact, your business is a system, and I have a series of posts dedicated to this topic. In my systems view, people will act as required to… Read more

Do we have our clients’ best interests at heart?

I know I harp on about it, but I truly believe that if you are acting completely out of your own self-interest, that the most profitable relationship for you as a Mortgage Broker is also the most profitable relationship for your client. Getting your clients to understand this is a… Read more

How do the public see Mortgage Brokers?

To understand how you should present yourself to the public, you need to start with a realistic picture of how the public views our profession. As a starting point, Mortgage Brokers are part of the Financial Services Industry, which unfortunately for us is itself the least trusted industry sector. The… Read more

Which Broker Owns The Client?

Most Brokers aspire to build their own business, rather than someone else’s, and one of my goals with this book is to help the Brokers who want to, to take control of their lead generation and thereby help them progress faster to being a genuinely Independent Broker. To do so… Read more