Does your ‘Brand’ produce more clients?

A lot of brokers want to build their ‘Brand’, but I think they often don’t know what that means and how that will produce more clients.   Your brand isn’t your business name, logo, slogan or the colour scheme and imagery you use across all your marketing. Your brand is… Read more

A simple way to re-energise past clients

When brokers with an existing client base join me – as well as going out to their personal network as I described yesterday – they need a reason to get back in touch with your old clients and get them interested in their services again. The problem for most brokers is, they… Read more

Sales and marketing challenges we all face

If the key challenge in your business is sales and marketing then you are not alone. The recent DFK Accountants survey into small to medium businesses made some very predictable findings. When asked what skills the business owner wanted to develop personally, the number one response was ‘take advantage of… Read more

Why I had to turn down a real estate agency

Just recently I had a real estate agency in Perth contact me saying they wanted to set up their own inhouse broker. They had heard about my books and other marketing systems and wanted their new broker to join Mortgage Australia. I have other real estate agents who have joined… Read more