Every broker needs an effective elevator pitch

Every broker must have a short statement they can make when someone asks them what they do. That statement must express the value you offer in a way that clearly and quickly answers the burning question that is in their mind, which is ‘what’s in it for me’. Just saying… Read more

Number 10 – Blogging

Here is the list again of the top 10 marketing methods used by high growth firms. We will talk about the last one on the list, Blogging. Partnership Marketing Downloadable Educational Content Speaking Engagements Outbound Phone Marketing Webinars Website Conferences, Trade Shows and Networking Events Online Advertising Email Marketing Blogging… Read more

Number 9 – Email Marketing

I consider Email Marketing to be the follow-up process to many other forms of marketing. It is not something to do in isolation but works a lot better to back up the initial marketing you have done. Its goal is to keep you top of mind with your prospects, build… Read more

Number 8 – Online Advertising

I have generated thousands of home loan leads through online advertising. Through basic text and display ads and also through complex marketing funnels. Both through Facebook and Google advertising. When it comes to paid online advertising, there is a right way and a wrong way, a way to waste money… Read more

Number 7 – Conferences, Trade Shows and Networking Events

Research shows that only a small percentage of referrals (5.5%) come from people who have met you but don’t have much detailed information about what you actually do (If you were wondering what you accomplish through in-person networking events — well, now you have the answer). Any form of in-person… Read more