People move through a fairly predictable number of borrowing situations in their lives. Of course it varies somewhat between people and I’m not saying this is the same order everyone follows, but many things happen through people’s lives that have a corresponding borrowing requirement or change in financial and borrowing circumstances and options — things such as:

  • Joining the workforce
  • Saving for their first home
  • Buying their first home
  • Marriage
  • Having children – possibly dropping from two incomes to one for an extended period of time or incurring child care costs upgrading their home
  • Increasing income as they move into their peak earning years
  • Looking after elderly parentsinheritances
  • Paying their mortgage off building wealth, investing
  • Divorce and relationship break-ups – starting over
  • Children all at school – returning to a double income or reducing childcare costs
  • Children moving out – downsizing retirement

Elderly relative care Retirement Estate Planning


Any of these periods, as well as plenty of other points I haven’t thought of, may be a time when you as their Mortgage Broker can help them. What is necessary is to do a great job for your clients at the start and to have educated them through your marketing (because marketing is education) to think of you when they hit these moments in their lives.

My first book, The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom, was specifically written to introduce to my clients the ongoing relevance of my services throughout their lifetime – and that my ultimate goal is to move them from their first home, to having no owner-occupier debt through smart selection of home loans, refinancing when appropriate and proper money management, followed by building wealth through safe and steady property investment.

I’m not telling them anything revolutionary – but if you don’t lay it out for your clients in a way that clearly shows what’s in it for them by sticking with me (or anyone who uses my book in their marketing), they won’t be interested.

As just one example, the book explains to clients that a home loan is not a ‘set and forget’ proposition and that as they build equity they will become eligible for cheaper loans based on falling into lower LVR bands. Then I just need to have a process for monitoring that and getting in touch at the corresponding time.

So by taking a more involved and educational approach with your clients you can help them ensure their borrowing circumstances are always appropriate for their current life situation. That may mean doing a loan for them or just being able to confirm that their current setup is right. The end result is that your typical client may do an extra couple of loans with you, increasing their Lifetime Value even higher – as well as your value to them.

As well as in your post sales marketing, all of these milestones, and many others you might come up with yourself, are opportunities to specialise your initial marketing and make it meaningful to the people at these milestones.