Mistakes to avoid when choosing a builder

There are a few common mistakes that people make when they are looking for a builder — so watch out for these: Getting Indicative Quotes As I’ve raised already, regardless of how detailed the plans might look, there will be a lot of things that aren’t included in the final… Read more

Getting familiar with real estate jargon

When it’s your first time buying or selling real estate, figuring out what all insider language means can be confusing and leave you feeling on the outside. Here’s a starting point to understanding real estate jargon: Authority to sell The official contract detailing an agent’s fees, any advertising costs and… Read more

Case Study: using an offset account

If you owe $300,000 and you have an average balance of $10,000 in your Offset Account, your lender only charges you interest on the difference, $290,000. At a 7% interest rate, that would save you $700 per year. This can have a significant impact on your loan in the long… Read more

Why a mortage broker is a must for borrowers

With the internet at our fingertips, it may seem that you have all the information you could need on home loans. Without insider knowledge and weeks of spare time, however, applying for home loans yourself is tedious and doesn’t guarantee you the best fit. Here are some reasons to utilise… Read more