Why you should really care about your home loan

If you have a home or investment loan, it’s probably your single biggest monthly expense. That’s why this is perhaps the most important message you’ll ever read, because, odds are, you’re paying way too much. When it comes to home loans, even small improvements can produce major benefits. As a… Read more

The first thing to look at is the home loan you have right now

Another reason many people struggle financially in retirement is that they wait too long to begin investing. Or more often, their only investment outside of paying off their own home is superannuation. Waiting longer, in my opinion, makes the process risky because you need to accumulate properties more quickly and… Read more

Changing properties costs big money

Example: changing properties costs big money On a median Australian home in a capital city, you are looking at paying $23,877 in government fees and taxes and a further $12,760 to a real- estate agent to sell your current home – a total of $36,637. The problem comes when people… Read more

People’s attitudes toward money will cost them

The reality is that, in the future, 3 out of 4 people will end up with the pension as their main source of income. A big reason for this is people’s attitudes toward money. When I drive past my local petrol station and see cars lined up in long queues,… Read more

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

“The broking sector has already delivered substantial benefits to consumers by assisting new mortgage lenders to distribute their products, leading to increased competition in the mortgage sector which had the effect of driving down the indicative variable home loan interest rate from around 4.00% above the cash rate in 1994… Read more

The Low Rate Forever Service™

Mortgage Australia is in the business of organising mortgages, but even more so we are in the business of helping families become debt free. We do this through actively managing client’s mortgages at all stages of their property portfolios (even if they are first home buyers) and giving them the… Read more