It’s a lot easier to be a Mortgage Broker

It’s a lot easier to be a Mortgage Broker like us and have a wider range of options for people to choose from than work for the bank and have to try and convince your customer that the single choice you have is the right one for them. Still, many… Read more

So how do you get the right loan?

So how do you get the right loan? Easy. Use a mortgage broker! Yes, I know, we are a Mortgage Broking company so of course I think this. But I chose to work in the Mortgage Broking industry because I like to stack the odds in my (and your) favour.… Read more

The power of a cheaper rate

The right choice of loan can make all the difference in the long term. When buying a home most people will negotiate to get the best price they can. But the real price of your home is the cost of the home plus the interest you pay back to the… Read more

The Second Step to Mortgage Freedom

Step 2 from our book, ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom’ is to get the cheapest loan you can. It is to get the right loan in the first place at the lowest cost. Every dollar you spend in extra interest or fees is a dollar that isn’t paying… Read more

Interest adds up!

On a home loan of $450,000 over 30 years at 6%, you will repay a massive $971,734 back to the bank (calculated on the NAB’s own loan calculator). This amount is made up of the original $450,000 “principal’, plus an extra $521,734 in interest. You are paying back more than… Read more

Why you should really care about your home loan

If you have a home or investment loan, it’s probably your single biggest monthly expense. That’s why this is perhaps the most important message you’ll ever read, because, odds are, you’re paying way too much. When it comes to home loans, even small improvements can produce major benefits. As a… Read more

The first thing to look at is the home loan you have right now

Another reason many people struggle financially in retirement is that they wait too long to begin investing. Or more often, their only investment outside of paying off their own home is superannuation. Waiting longer, in my opinion, makes the process risky because you need to accumulate properties more quickly and… Read more