Put the plan into action

Over the years and months of this blog, I have discussed a lot about becoming mortgage free. So now you know what you should be doing. When setting up your home loans, one of the most important decisions you will make is deciding how to implement these steps, starting with… Read more

Making this investment plan work for you

The next part of our approach to property investment that I have discussed in recent posts is to repeat the process every few years or as frequently as you are comfortable with so you can safely and slowly accumulate a portfolio of properties in different locations and at different times… Read more

Does it still work?

If you have read “The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom” and my discussion of property investment, the question you probably have at this point is: “Will this work in the future or did he just get lucky with rising property prices?” My answer is yes! I’m confident it will… Read more

Safety first in property investment

One of the biggest concerns of would-be-investors are the risks of them becoming unemployed or having problem tenants who might damage their property or stop paying rent. The answer is to ensure you are properly insured against these circumstances. Key Point: Income Protection Insurance and Landlord Insurance are a must when… Read more

New vs old

New properties require less maintenance and generally carry increased tax benefits, but older properties still have their advantages, especially if you are looking to add value through improvements or renovations. One of the key tax advantages of buying properties built after 1988 is depreciation, which accounts for wear and tear… Read more

Land value and building depreciation

The first principle of property investing is that land appreciates while buildings depreciate. That is why I recommend a house and land package, not an apartment or unit. The land itself isn’t deteriorating or becoming less usable; however, the house that sits on the land is deteriorating a little every… Read more

Cash Flow and Capital Growth

I will quickly define these two concepts of cash flow and capital growth as they apply to property investing. Cash flow This is the difference between how much money it costs you to own the investment and how much money you get from it. Case Study: negative or positive? So… Read more

Forget about “get-rich-quick”

This is not a ‘how I became a property millionaire in 2 years and own 50 homes’ story. From watching my own clients over time and continuing to educate myself, I have learned what I believe is a safe, low maintenance and stable process for property investing, and one that… Read more