Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

“The broking sector has already delivered substantial benefits to consumers by assisting new mortgage lenders to distribute their products, leading to increased competition in the mortgage sector which had the effect of driving down the indicative variable home loan interest rate from around 4.00% above the cash rate in 1994… Read more

The Low Rate Forever Service™

Mortgage Australia is in the business of organising mortgages, but even more so we are in the business of helping families become debt free. We do this through actively managing client’s mortgages at all stages of their property portfolios (even if they are first home buyers) and giving them the… Read more

Why you must become mortgage free faster

‘It’s time to start thinking differently about money and debt and start the healing process – and the process toward wealth and freedom. ‘Freedom from Bad Debt’ can get you started.” Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad   Everyone wants to be mortgage free, but now more than… Read more

Earning your trust

A letter from David Ham, the founder and Managing Director of the Mortgage Australia Group. Thank you for considering Mortgage Australia, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to getting your next home loan. I believe that the question you are now faced with is: “Who… Read more

3 Things You Should Never Think About Your Mortgage

Three Things You Should Never Think About Your Mortgage.. That You’re Probably Thinking Right Now 1. “I know I am paying extra but… I know my bank manager/mortgage broker and we have a good relationship, so I don’t want to upset them by using someone else.” Ok, but are you… Read more

How to Get a Cheaper Loan From Your Current Bank or Lender

Even if you are certain you want to get a loan from your current financial institution, seeing a Mortgage Australia broker is still your best bet because they will ensure you see the cheapest loans and special discounts that your current lender offers. It’s very likely our broker will be… Read more

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a builder

There are a few common mistakes that people make when they are looking for a builder — so watch out for these: Getting Indicative Quotes As I’ve raised already, regardless of how detailed the plans might look, there will be a lot of things that aren’t included in the final… Read more