$1 lenders mortgage insurance for eligible first home buyers

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of ‘you need a 20% deposit to buy a home’, right? Well, not necessarily. Today we’ll look at two options available to eligible first home buyers, including a $1 lenders mortgage insurance offer that’s just been launched.

Let a mortgage broker take on the burden

You won’t know if you can get a better home loan deal until you start looking, which is when many people throw up their hands in surrender. Talk to your Mortgage Broker first; we can very quickly answer your three most important questions: Can I get a cheaper loan? How… Read more

Best Aussie suburbs to find a "renovator's dream"

Most of us have at one time dreamed of discovering a hidden little gem and renovating it into the most enviable house on the street. With the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant, those dreams are closer to becoming a reality for many. But where to look?