Don’t be complacent!

The home loan market changes constantly; new lenders and new products are regularly introduced while old lenders and old types of loans frequently become superseded. They rarely apply these better loan features or discounts to their existing home loans. Lenders regularly introduce cheaper versions of an existing loan or a… Read more

Tick tock – is time running out for first home buyers?

The first home buyer market had a bumper year in 2020 due to modest declines in property prices, reduced investor activity, and a range of government incentives. But with those advantages tailing off, how will first home buyers compete in 2021?

Record-breaking: 5 big property trends in 2021

After a bumpy 2020, 2021 is already rewriting the record books. From property prices, to interest rates, to refinancing – no matter which way you look records are being broken. Today we’ll look at why property market sentiment is riding so high.