“Flexibility & Convenient. Non Biased advice. Access to an extensive range of lenders. A real advantage.”

Sorry for the late reply, been flat out, (usual business, as you know). I would be more than happy to point out the list of services that you’ve provided me in regards to obtaining my loan and your ongoing help and assistance. I hope my reply to this is not too late and will be of benefit to your business.

List of services offered by Mortgage Australia, that I’ve experienced:
– Flexibility & Convenient ways of meeting, they come to you.
– Non Biased advice
– Access to an extensive range of lenders
– Outlining their products and services which is best suited to your personal needs.
– This was a real advantage to me and anyone else who’s trying to obtain a loan for a mortgage
– They save you the time of personally going and arranging meetings with lenders.
– Friendly down to earth everyday people who will speak to you in plain English to ensure you fully understand all of the terms and conditions set by the lenders.

I was able to obtain a loan thanks to Nigel & Nick Barr, where other lenders turned me away.

I’ve appreciated the follow up service Nigel has given me even after obtaining the loan, he’s assisted me in sorting out minor discrepancies I’ve had with my lender, and outlined various options available to me If I wanted to re-finance.

Through my experience with Mortgage Australia, I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone chasing the great Australian dream, of owning their own home, and will definitely without doubt or hesitation be utilising their services in the future.

Yours sincerely,