Data driven growth

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!!

Having data about your business performance at your fingertips is also key when it comes to knowing and, in turn, growing your client retention. Thanks to our partnership with AFG, we’re able to offer you use of a clever business analysis tool – it’s just like having your very own business analyst on staff, but without the payroll expense!

Business intelligence (BI) is an interactive reporting tool where you can access data on your deals lodged and settled, commission payments, portfolio growth, customer statistics, and all the key indicators which let you know about the health and growth of your business. BI extracts and analyses all of the data from your FLEX applications, contacts and commissions on a daily basis, updating every evening so you have the very latest data to hand.

With a host of pre-defined reports BI will eliminate all of the guesswork, giving you the insight to help you make better and faster decisions. With clever reporting on your business patterns and customer statistics, you’re able to develop better forecasting and counteract any negative business trends before they impact your bottom line. This brand new business intelligence function is just like having your very own business analyst on your team.

Keep track of your business

Some of the features you can take advantage of in BI include:

  • Data on your deals lodged and settled
  • Commission payments
  • Portfolio growth
  • Customer statistics
  • Access to AFG Mortgage Index reports
  • Reporting on Lodgement Pipeline
  • Month to Date Performance
  • Top lodging loan writers
  • Lodgement number by loan amount
  • Portfolio Value Detailed Report
  • SMART send information
  • Marketability tab to segment your audience
  • More to come, including trail reconciliation and commission breakdowns

Using the data in AFG’s Business Intelligence tool helps you understand more about who your customers are, what stage they are at in their lifecycle, and create materials and devise content you know will then appeal. Devise your own emails to particular clients on the back of this data, and watch for trends – leveraging the positive ones and jumping straight on any negative trends before they hit your bottom line.