AFG’s SMART program is now eight years old, and on average members on the program have experienced powerful results including increases in customer retention, and repeat business from existing customers as well as significant overall cumulative growth.

As the graph below illustrates, on average AFG brokers on SMART are now seeing well over double the cumulative portfolio growth of those brokers yet to join. Although the SMART campaigns, websites, analytics and materials perhaps represent just a few of the factors behind this impressive growth differential, there is no question SMART is helping the trend and we like to think we’re a key driver behind these great results our brokers are enjoying!

SMART emails are sent on your behalf, to your database, with your branding and contact details. Better yet, the emails come directly from you personally and all replies come straight to your inbox. The SMART marketing team manages the email campaigns and your SMART website on your behalf and you can easily access information on what your customers have received from you via FLEX.

SMART campaigns are built to ensure you touch base with your contacts and your clients at critical points throughout their relationship with you, from application and settlement and then on throughout the life of their loan. As new technologies emerge, industry trends shift and client behaviours evolve, so does SMART. SMART is constantly growing to ensure your portfolio and your business does too.

Your branded SMART Online website is updated regularly with new information and news updates as well as all the latest issues of Haven, the SMART lifestyle publication. These regular changes to the content not only keep the site interesting and relevant for your clients, they also help your Google rankings when it comes to SEO as Google looks favourably upon sites that are regularly refreshed and added to. From a web perspective it really is all done for you, freeing up your time to get on with what you do best – growing your business.