Mapping out your plan

The first thing to do is to identify your strategy on what you’re looking to achieve in terms of retention growth. Next is to map out tactics to identify what actions you’ll undertake to achieve the aims set out in the strategy, your timeline, and finally the mapping out of the tools you’ll employ to implement the strategies.

At the end of the day, retention is pretty common-sense so it’s nothing to be feared. It all boils down to keeping your customer so content and so close that there is no need for them to defect elsewhere because you are fulfilling your customer and over-delivering on expectations. Not only will clients not seek to look elsewhere they will also be far less likely to respond if approached directly from one of your competitors.

We have the marketing smarts all wrapped up

When you join Mortgage Australia, you join AFG, and we’d encourage you to take full advantage of AFG’s SMART program. It’s a custom-built, award winning, industry leading marketing program that for just a few dollars a day, takes care of most of your marketing, and delivers exceptional proven results by way of portfolio growth.

SMART is AFG’s award-winning, industry-leading, custom-built marketing program and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that we manage on your behalf.

It has been designed to help improve customer retention, protect your trail and help you acquire new customers through timely and targeted communications, dynamic and professional websites and the right analytics and reporting to help your business thrive.

Each broker’s database is profiled and analysed, separating customers based on their risk of discharging from your portfolio. The aim is to ensure maximum lifetime value from each customer and each prospect. In effect, SMART acts as your marketing department for a fraction of the cost of delivering this service in-house, or outsourcing to a third party provider.

The email communications look as if they’ve come directly from you, with your branding and contact details. All responses go back to your inbox.

SMART also delivers a dynamic and professional website, known as SMART Online. Designed to work as your own stand-alone site or work in with your existing site, SMART Online connects all of your customers to your business via the SMART campaigns and gives you an online presence without the headache of building, updating, integrating and managing a fully functional, compliant and fully mobile website. This is additional to the personalised and high ranking web page that Mortgage Australia creates for all their brokers on their site which is targeted to deliver traffic in their local geographical areas.

Your SMART campaigns and the SMART website are all part of the SMART package, all designed to work perfectly together to help your business grow.

SMART takes most of the efforts behind client retention away from you, doing most of the hard work. And the best bit is, SMART is always evolving to meet changes in consumer behaviour and respond to market trends and continues to take advantage of emerging technologies to ensure you’re two steps ahead.

SMART is designed to meet your marketing needs, and helps:

  • Increase conversion rates of contacts without active deals assigned to them
  • Attract and engage web traffic
  • Build and nurture customer relationships
  • Reach out to customers at critical milestones of their finance journey
  • Provide the right analytics and reporting to help your business thrive
  • Saves you time and money and represents an unrivalled return on investment
  • Ensure your email and web solutions utilise state-of-the-art design and best practice at every turn

The campaigns alone include:

  • Welcome Campaign
  • Annual Prospecting Campaign
  • Rate Alert Announcement Campaign
  • Birthday Campaign
  • Christmas Campaign
  • Haven Newsletter Campaign
  • Loan Tracker Campaign
  • Thank You Campaign
  • Three Year Anniversary Campaign
  • Two Way Red Alert Campaign