• It is true leverage

Leverage is your ability to recreate or multiply yourself, in some format, so by doing one thing you are actually doing many things. For us it is all about communication. It’s much better to communicate meaningfully with many people at once than just one.

If you want to genuinely go from self-employed, where what you earn is directly determined by the hours you put in, to ever being a business owner, where what you earn is determined by the systems you have created, you need to leverage yourself.

I can’t be talking to hundreds of people at once in their lounge rooms, but my book can do it for me. I have leveraged myself into thousands of little messengers that speak for me. It hugely multiplies my communication, allowing me to build the systems in my business that actually make me money.

  • It exponentially multiplies your advertising

Of course, advertising cost money. And the bigger the ad, be it in time on the radio or the space it takes up in the newspaper, the more expensive it is. So the result is people try to compress their message as much as possible, which ultimately is the reason logos and slogans exist – to try and convey our message as briefly as possible. But, as I’ve said before, if your life depended on it surely you would tell your client as much as possible to convince them of all the great reasons why they should work with you and get across the depth of your expertise.

One of the great benefits of a book, or other substantial educational product used by you, if that you can now have a clear direction for any paid advertising you do. You simply promote the book (and people are more likely to respond to a free book giveaway) and you have hugely multiplied the value of that advertising spend because prospective clients end up with hundreds of pages of educational marketing that promotes you, at the cost of a small advertising space.

Your ads promote your book;your book promotes you.

  • It sets the groundwork for a lifetime client

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t.” – Seth Godin

Not only that, your book is a platform for making them lifelong clients. It lays out when and why they should be back in touch with you, explaining the benefits you provide throughout their lives.

I want my clients to be fully educated about why and when they should be contacting me, which is then reinforced and nudged along by my post sales marketing. By giving them a book I am showing them I am someone worth staying in touch with and getting permission to do so.

  • It protects your client base

What serious chance does the next Broker have who tries to steal my client away when they turn up with a business card and a generic brochure? Assuming I have done a decent job and have even a basic client contact process, my book has raised the bar way too high and set expectations above what another Broker is likely to be able to reach.

Do you think if you are a financial planner and you try and poach Paul Clitheroe’s direct clients they are going to be interested? I don’t think so. From his client’s perspective they are dealing with