As well as what I discussed in my last post, there are even more ways I help you with your partnership marketing.

I’ll just use Real Estate Agents as the example, but the same holds true with other referrer types.

As always, its about integrating yourself into their business in a way they makes you invaluable to them.

One way we help real estate agents is that we design letterbox drop flyers for them to use which promotes their ‘Free Book with a Free Appraisal’. Basically we give the agent another reason over their competition for people to do a listing appointment with them.

Also I have flyers that you can use, personalise them to yourself and your branding, that the agent can hand out, either on their own or folded in the your co-branded book.

We also have real estate agents that have taken ‘The 7 Easy Steps’ content and turned it into a weekly email series for their own clients.

Don’t waste money on advertising. Instead, spend money on getting people who are already in front of borrowers to promote you to them. Leverage yourself.

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