In my webinar (and the shortened video) I mentioned that I can only work with a limited number of brokers.

I genuinely want to give the first brokers to join me an exclusive marketing advantage.

So I have set a limit of no more than 3% of the brokers in any state. There are roughly 14,000 brokers in Australia, so that means about 420 can possibly join me Australia-wide. 

Geographically that means about one broker in every 8 to 9 postcodes.

Without me doing any promotion or advertising, I am very close to that number in Perth, so I know brokers are getting results from my support. 

This is why its now time for me to expand into the Eastern States. I have tested, improved and proven my marketing systems (and am adding in new ones all the time) to help brokers who join me get a real advantage.

Even more of a time factor is that we can only use co-branded books with a limited number of referral partners. For example, we can’t have two real estate agents using it in the same area. I have turned down a number of real estate agents now in Perth because we already had ones we were working with, and the same will happen in the Eastern States as brokers learn about our offer. 

So, if you are interested in what I’m doing, please let me know sooner rather than later.