Three Things You Should Never Think About Your Mortgage.. That You’re Probably Thinking Right Now

1. “I know I am paying extra but… I know my bank manager/mortgage broker and we have a good relationship, so I don’t want to upset them by using someone else.”

Ok, but are you willing to pay 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars extra just to keep them happy? If they were doing their job properly they would be telling you what I am telling you now and saving you lots of cash. However, it’s usually not in their best interest to get you into a cheaper home loan, especially if they’re a bank manager.

You see, at Mortgage Australia we see keeping you in the lowest cost loan as a priority and our top responsibility. We’re in the business of helping home owners create wealth, rather than giving extra cash to their bank managers and brokers.

We also make the business of mortgages fast and easy with our Automatic Refinance System™ (ARS™). We realise that mortgages are complex time consuming things, hence why home owners are reluctant to make changes. But once you become our client your mortgage future becomes a lot less complicated with our ARS™

2. “I know I am paying extra but… I am currently with XYZ Bank, and I don’t want to change lenders because it’s easy to have all my accounts in the one place.” Or, “I trust my bank, I have been with them forever.”

Fair enough, but again, is it worth the excessive cost?

And did you know that as Mortgage Brokers, we can often get a better rate from your current lender than you can as an existing customer? (Take a look at our client case study here where we saved Michael and Jenny a massive $597.70 a month.)

The banks find it far cheaper and more economical to get us to organise a loan for them than to process it through their own branches and employees, so therefore we can pass the savings on to you. Now, every once in a while we have people that find out what rate we can get them at their bank, and then run back to their bank manager so they can match it. And yes, you could do that. But there are other benefits of going through us that far out-weigh using your bank manager that will set you up for a brighter financial future. One of them is our Automatic Refinance System™

3. “I know I am paying extra but… My current lender already has all my details and I don’t want to spend the hours of time filling in new paperwork and following up with the application process.”

We totally understand. This is a pain. But wouldn’t it make sense to spend a few or even 10 hours sorting this out if you knew you could save over a hundred thousand dollars?

Well, we have good news, you don’t have to spend anywhere near 10 hours because at Mortgage Australia the paperwork and followup is OUR JOB.

We obviously need to spend a small amount of time getting details from you initially, but after that, WE DO THE WORK. So you can sit back and go about your normal everyday routine while we make all the annoying followup calls and the like. Plus, if you need another mortgage in the future we take care of it all again at little time cost to you.

In fact, our Automatic Refinance System™ will automatically advise us when your mortgage situation becomes ripe to refinance to save you even more money. Essentially, this ensures we will always have you in the lowest cost, best performing loan. This is a free service for all our clients and is not an extra cost. And we can usually show people how to borrow more money for the same repayments or borrow the same for a far lower monthly repayment even with their current lender.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a free consultation to show you exactly how we can make your next mortgage far cheaper and put you on our Automatic Refinance System™ to build wealth.

If you feel like this is something you are looking to and it feels right for you, simply find your local Mortgage Australia Broker using the search box below and contact them directly.