A book works because it ticks all the boxes around the Psychology of Attraction:

  • Reciprocity — by giving them a book you are creating a sense that they owe you something. Particularly when it is the physical version of the book, because it is tangible and it has a genuine production cost, not to mention the value of the knowledge within it.
  • Familiarity — As people read or even just flick through my book, they are getting to know me. I put my photo (or the photo of the Broker in their version) on a number of the initial sections within the book as well as on the front and back cover. So at worst they see me (or the Broker) a few times, at best they read the whole thing and have a conversation with me (or the Broker) in their heads over a period of hours or days, becoming very familiar with me.
  • Similarity — A book breaks down the business — customer disconnect. It is me as an individual talking to the client, telling them the things I’ve done right and wrong in the same situation as they find themselves in now — trying to pay off their home loan. I have been exactly in their shoes. I am sending a clear message that I am a person just like them, dealing with the same issues, making myself as approachable as possible.
  • Proximity — Ideally, when I meet someone that I hope to do business with in the future, I want to be around them as much as I can. One way is, when I tell them I have a book I’d like to give them, is to then go and drop it off to them, giving me another reason to see me in person.
  • Then, because my book is associated with me, it itself creates a sense of proximity to me by being in their home and on their coffee or bedside table, with my photo smiling up at them on the back cover. It also gives me a reason to follow up with them and see how they liked it.
  • All of this makes it a lot easier for them to invite me over for an appointment because I have removed a lot of the barriers in their mind. To them it’s almost like I’ve been hanging around their house for weeks anyway.
  • Physical Attractiveness — Your book can be given as attractive a cover as you choose to make. People really do judge a book by its cover, so you might as well use this to your advantage. People are generally impressed by the quality and physical look of The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom. And it helps if your book has plenty of pages because the first impression of a weightier book is that it is more substantive and valuable.

The Real Estate Agents and other referrers I have shown my book to are always really appreciate it. I had one who pulled out his own marketing brochures and booklets, which were very well done, and he made a point of saying how even though his materials looked very good, they weren’t nearly as instantly impactful by their appearance as my book.