We all like to buy from an expert – somebody we like, respect and trust. The buyer thinks -1 don’t understand any of this stuff, but hey, if he understands it, the product must be super!” – Joseph Sugarman

If I was to sum up the value of the book, it is that it establishes me as an authority which increases trust, which creates greater lead generation and higher conversion rates of those leads, which results in greater sales. And as far as my clients are concerned, I am ‘their’ authority which is the benefit that really lasts.

And I am not just talking about my clients, but also with my referral partners. When my book was first released, I spent a month showing it to real estate agents — you know, the ones that already have a Broker they are working with and aren’t interested in seeing you. The end result was that I personally set up seven real estate agencies to hand out my versions of my book, co-branded with them, to their buyers and sellers. It’s a process I teach the Brokers that work with me who use my book to get the same results, which many now have.


In the 13 hour, 9 Module training course that Mortgage Australia brokers receive, the 9th Module is ‘Your Ultimate Personal Sales and Marketing Tool’ that details the specific strategies and steps to set up real estate agencies, financial planners, accountants and builders with their version of the book, co-branded to you and them.

So now we have real estate agencies, financial planners, accountants and so on using the book. The main point I want to make is that where professional referral partners are concerned, my book is the best tool I’ve ever had to start conversations that lead to effective referral relationships, for me and for other Brokers — without paying for leads or splitting commissions. This is because I am giving them what they want — a tool to promote their businesses ahead of their competitors. As always, you get what you want by giving others what they want.