In the eyes of my potential clients and referral partners, the book has the ACE principle working for me — Authority, Celebrity (at least in their view of the mortgage industry) and Exclusivity.

The ACE Principle – Authority, Celebrity and Exclusivity – as described by Dan Kennedy and Matt Zagula in their book ‘Creating Trust’ is the ultimate shortcut to creating trust with your clients, and a book is probably the most attainable way of achieving it.

Having Authority means you have a powerful and influential voice in your industry. Deserved or not, consumers who see my book immediately perceive me as an Authority in the mortgage industry, as someone who creates the conversation rather than just following along.

Surely an Author is the very definition of someone who has Authority.

People attach a certain amount of Celebrity to an author, it is seen as a higher status thing, that what you have to say is worthy of being in a book. I’m known by them for having created something that sets me apart. I’m not saying I’m mobbed by adoring fans, but it definitely is

something people respect so they perceive me as someone they would want to pay attention to – certainly compared to a salesperson.

Exclusivity is the idea that you don’t just work with anyone. My book creates that sense to them, that I am at the top of my game and a leader in the mortgage business.

People buy the ‘who, not the ‘what’. They want a home loan, but it is you as their Mortgage Broker they are choosing. I would much prefer to be a Broker that hands them a copy of my book than a Broker who gives them a business card or brochure. All else being equal, I know who has the best chance of winning the client.

One of the only objections I sometimes hear about my book (never from clients, but sometimes from other Brokers) is that it is too long, that people won’t read it, that no-one reads anything anymore.

That is missing the point.

I don’t really care if people read it or not. I’d prefer it if they do, but that’s not its purpose. Some people will read it – I know because of the things they say and what they know about what was in the book – but plenty will just glance at the cover or just flick through it. Generally, people who have read it say they like what was in it, but I’m probably only hearing from those that did.

The point is, just seeing it gets their attention and respect and a platform for me to get to know them from a position well above that of salesperson.

I would go even further to say that the best approach is a complete ‘Shock and Awe’ package, of which the book can be just one major component. Even better would be to make it part of a substantial package which hammers home that you are the expert, by including even more content such as a sales letter, DVD, audio CD, collection of articles and items relating to our services.

Then the follow-up process is simply sending the same or similar content broken up over time, in different formats and interspersed with some new, ‘latest information’. Sure you are repeating yourself, but repetition is important in marketing, pushing home our message.

One of my shortcuts is that I allow other Brokers to become a contributor to my book, whereby we can create a genuinely unique version for them. Writing your own is obviously better in terms of ownership, but being a contributor to a book, even in a minor way, is the next best thing and conveys many of the same benefits.