Further retention tactics and tools to consider

  • Content is and always will be king. Make sure you are regularly producing, sharing and commenting on great content which will help you both on the SEO front, but also allowing customers to spread the word for you. Use data you find on AFG’s website or the quarterly competition and mortgage index reports, find industry data from real estate and accountancy companies they are willing to share, produce no names case-studies and scenarios that clearly illustrate the benefits of you onside. KnowledgeHQ and AFG’s SMART websites also have a host of content for you to use as is or reword around the many benefits of using a broker and the value you bring to the table. Share (with consent and first names only) client testimonials to back up your story. Use this content across social, digital, referral campaigns and presentations.
  • Make sure your social media is up to scratch. Help your clients refer you with confidence and help confirm to existing clients that you are still the best person to have in their corner when it comes to their mortgage finance. Ensure that, as a minimum, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages are top notch and have a professional photo of you, clear branding and contact details, regular posting of relevant content, two-way interaction with clients and positive reviews. Even the shortest post (preferably with a photo or infographic) talking about one statistic can get high traction across your social networks, clients love snackable content they don’t need 20 minutes to digest. Highly connected clients are highly loyal and far less likely to leave you when lured by a competitor.
  • Ensure your existing clients feel ahead of the pack at every opportunity. You’re covered with SMART when it comes to the monthly RBA news with an email hitting each client within just minutes of the rate announcement each month, but consider what other news your clients would love to hear first. Guides on when to review their loan, tips on how best to use their offset account, reminders of what not to do when it comes to their credit cards, the inside running on how to get the most from budget or tax time and alike are all ways to reinforce you know your stuff and that they are better off having you as their broker as they would be with someone else or their bank manager.
  • Regularly encourage your clients for testimonials to supplement those you’re receiving through the SMART program. Clients love hearing what other clients have to say, and testimonials (along with loan calculators) are always one of the biggest drawcards on any broker website. Just ensure you gain each client’s consent before you use the testimonial publicly, only use first names and ensure no confidential or identifying information is contained within it.
  • The SMART green survey is sent post settlement and includes your thank you message, a chance for them to win a prize and to let you know what they thought of your service. If for any reason you have an unhappy client, take the time to find out why and address the issue. A client you’re able to turn around is often your most loyal client for life, and one that will often refer you time and time again. Work out what caused the client to be unhappy and solve the issue behind the scenes to ensure it never happens again.