Given the limitations of logos and business names, what unique image and business name can you display that has the best chance of being remembered and can represent your business?

I firmly believe that your face and your name is the answer.

Your photo and name should be front and centre of all the marketing you do and every client facing document or presentation you have.Your name should be your business name, or at least the key component.

If you are joining a larger group with an existing business name, there is nothing wrong with that as long as their company name adds some value. In my business, some of the Brokers with me have their own business or company names, others will promote themselves as ‘John Smith – Mortgage Australia. The ‘Mortgage Australia’ part adds value because it tells people that John Smith works for a mortgage company and it sounds like a substantial one given it has ‘Australia’ in the title, so that adds to their credibility.

But their name always comes first.They are clearly promoting themselves, just adding that they have the resources of Mortgage Australia at their disposal.

Even if you have a marketing strategy or specialisation in mind such as I have mentioned above, I would still recommend using your personal name prominently in your business name. For example, if you plan to specialise in first home buyers, I would go with something like this:

Make sure in your photo you are smiling and relaxed. You need to look approachable and like someone people would actually want to invite into their home and who isn’t going to yell at their children and kick their dog. Many profile pictures are attempts at looking overly professional, which many people seem to interpret as grim and stern. Its far better to show some personality and be different than try and look overly professional. If you look the same as everyone else you can only hope to get an equal share of the market, not outperform.