For a brand to have any value it has to mean something to you when you see it. The brand should tell you what to expect from the company it represents. Building a brand that has any meaning to the general public is an incredibly difficult and expensive thing to do. Building a brand in a local area can be achievable, but is still difficult and takes time.

For a Mortgage Broker there are aspects of branding that are worth spending time and effort on, and other aspects that aren’t.

The big problem with logos is that people are just not going to remember them. No matter how much time you spend labouring over that perfect image that represents saving money, a great financial future or how you will help them get their dream home, people just won’t remember it unless you spend big in advertising it. Even then, they probably won’t, and the moment you stop advertising it people will certainly forget it. There are just far too many other logos being advertised out there for any other possible outcome.

Sure, your mum will think your logo looks great and very professional, but it means little in a world full of logos and is unlikely to bring business through the door.

According to the 2015 Forbes list of the top 100 most valuable brands and their logos, 87 of them have the full business name displayed within the logo, and a further 6 displayed the acronym the business is best known by. For the majority of these, their logo is essentially just their business name written in a particular style. Even the biggest and most recognisable logos in the world have decided that it is not enough to spend millions on constantly displaying their logos to us, they have their business name in it as well to ensure we know who it represents.

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