Send them books

Of course, I’m also a big believer in the impact of sending people books — but not just books written by myself, anything targeted to that client and their next financial steps that will reinforce the range of ways I can help them as their Broker will do.

The book shows them the level or expertise you have that is directly related to the next step of their financial lives. You also know it is a mailing that is going to be opened, because it is a package with some weight and size rather than just an envelope. It also gives you a reason to call them up later and ask how they found it (and remind them to be in touch if they or their friends need anything loan related).

To quote Dan Kennedy, you want to move from possibly being seen as an ‘annoying pest’ to instead becoming a ‘wanted guest’, and sending a targeted gift like a relevant book is a great way to get a warm response from a past client over the phone.

I know if my client is a new first home buyer, or if they have been if their home for many years and have built up a lot of equity, or if they are an avid property investor or if they are getting closer to retirement. I can easily find different books that will be relevant to each of those types of people and post a copy out. It also gives me an excuse to give them a call and see how they found it. I can stick my business card inside it and know it is going to hang around their house and not get thrown away like a newsletter or brochure inevitably will.

The value in sending out books is that it tells the client that you understand the content of the book. When your client gets a book from you about property investing it tells them that you have read this book and you help people do the things it describes. Again, laziness and impatience are working for us. It doesn’t matter if they read the book, the implication (and hopefully the reality) is that you have and of the many you have read on this topic it is one that you recommend. Educational marketing works, in part, because it shows that you understand all this complicated stuff, so the client doesn’t need to.

As I’ve said before, most people don’t act because they aren’t sure what to do and what the benefit it. The book you send is a motivator because it shows them the way forward. Partly that way forward is what is described in the book, but the ultimate message is that the next step is speaking to you.