Segment It

“The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance” – Jason Miller

Through the process of doing the client’s loan, storing and updating their details in our CRM, we are able to categorise and re-categorise them into different market segments to better target our marketing. We know the financial position and most recent borrowing situation of the client, so we can categorise them as a high net worth client, first home buyer, long time home owner, putting in a pool, renovating, a first time or seasoned property investor, nearing retirement, their job, etc. There are many ways we can segment and cross-segment our clients to make sure what we send them is relevant to them and what they care about.

So, just as I’ve discussed about our Initial Marketing, we need to also be segmenting our Post Sales Marketing and creating and sending them materials and messages specific to their circumstances. There is little point sending property investment materials to someone who is on the verge of retirement, but there may be in sending it to your younger clients who have built sufficient equity in their homes.

The more you target your marketing the better, but at the very least you can put all your clients into a general marketing system that is broadly relevant to all market types and keeps you in front of them regularly, but have occasional items that you send out specifically to each market segment.

Again, just as with your Initial Marketing, when your clients receive messages that aren’t relevant for them it will make you seem less relevant for their future needs. This opens them up to other Brokers or their bank. So as much as you can, consider the next financial steps each group of your clients is likely to be making, or wants to be making, and send messages that position yourself as the go-to person for that next step.