• Ray Simpson, Mortgage Australia, NSW

After creating a good rapport with clients, and when I know they have a good feeling about what I am recommending, I bring out the book as our gift for seeking our advice. I explain that we wrote it to help our clients better understand their home loan, and why we recommended the loan we did.

Then I knuckle down and start on the iPad Fact Find process while they leaf through the book. When everything is done, I draw their attention back to the book and highlight these chapters in the book:

  • Chapter 16: Compound Interest,
  • Chapter 17: Strategies, and
  • Chapter 18: Offset Accounts.

These three chapters are the basis of a great loan reduction strategy, and I emphasise that we put a lot of work into these chapters to ensure our clients are better prepared for success.

But . . then ... just before I am about to leave, I open my workbook and ask if there are any friends or family members that could benefit from our book as well.

I try to get at least three names, addresses, mobiles, and emails if I can, so that I can mail the book to them as a “gft’from their friend – as well as from me. Then of course, I follow up with an email and telephone call.

So far, I’m getting a good response … and I know from many years in the Broking industry that the gift of the book is being more cost-effective in getting to a new client than anything I’ve done before.”


  • Rob Casey, Mortgage Australia, NSW 

“The ‘7 Easy Steps’ has been a powerful tool for me since I entered the mortgage broking industry. I had been in business for a few months and had a number of enquiries from family andfriends but they were cautious because I was new to the business.

However, once I emailed them the e-book version of ‘The 7 Easy

Steps’ I made 3 appointments that week. The book gave me instant expert status as an established professional in the industry.

I have used the book to create partner versions of the ‘7 Easy Steps’ to generate leads. The very first real estate agent I approached was so impressed with the idea he agreed immediately to purchase 100 books.

With another agent, they were looking to develop their online marketing.We were able to break ‘The 7 Easy Stepsup into a 7-part e-book series that they email out and share via social media.

I find ‘The 7 Easy Steps’ to be a great tool to start a conversation with prospects or potential referral partners, providing excellent results.”


  • Vikki Morgan, Ash Blue Finances, WA 

“Our books go with us everywhere.You never know when there is an opportunity to speak to people. I find our clients and potential new clients are impressed that we have a book and it builds trust quickly. They are gratefully received and sometime they come back for more copies for their family andfriends — great marketing tool. We love it.”