Sharlene Gratte

Eversharp Financial Services, WA

“After a few months of joining David and Mortgage Australia I now have six real estate agents who I have created co-branded versions of the book with that hand them out to their buyers and sellers for me. As much as I didn’t want to, we had to turn down one agent who wanted to use it because I had too many in the area already with the book!

The real estate agents immediately see the benefit to them of having something tangible and lasting that they can hand out to build their profile, just the same as it works for us. At the moment the home loan market in Perth is very quiet and the book gives me a great point of difference to other brokers.

Whilst visiting agents at their home opens to introduce myself I found that many Agents ask the question of what is my point of difference to every other Mortgage Broker. Having the opportunity to introduce them into the co-branded book gave me that edge and the point of difference they were looking for. The book helped me to gain the trust and confidence with the new agent which in turn got me to working with the whole office. I feel that without having the book I wouldn’t have gotten a second look.

Whenever I give a copy of my version of the The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom ’ to a potential client it gets their attention and starts them talking to me. I find that people who see the book are a lot more open and forthcoming about their situation and less guarded, it breaks down a lot of barriers.

One example of a great outcome of having the book was at a recent auction that I attended as a guest of a Real Estate Agency. I had my usual table with goodies and information brochures but this time displayed a few books on the table. Previously when I have had table displays at events people have come up to the table browsed and unless they were looking for finance at the time would pass on by.

This time, though, 3 people came up and ask if they could buy the book off me. I happily gave them a free copy which they loved which then became a great introduction for me. It turned out that two of them already had home loans and wanted me to do a health check on their loans and help them to refinance. All from them asking if they could buy the book.