I’ve given some examples of my own experience with using my book and our educational marketing approach overall. However, as I’ve said, the book needs to work for you as an individual broker, which is why we create individualised versions for brokers and our referral partners. Below is a picture of some examples that are in use now.

I’ve asked a few of the Brokers I work with who have been using these systems for some examples of how they have found it, either directly with their clients or with referral partners.

This is what they told me:

Michael Del Caro Eversharp Financial Services, WA

“I have given the book and several cards, etc., to a friend of mine.

We talk a lot and though he is not in a position to do much, he has a good network offriends and family.

His father, who is an accountant for a school in Ellenbrook, read the book, and I did give him some quotes, etc., on what I could do for him. I just got a call from a good friend of his. He was given a copy of the book, has read it and Im meeting with him on Thursday evening. He asked if he could buy a book from me as he has to give this one back.

I’m going to drop off a few when I see him.

They were all very impressed with it, and I believe I will get good traction into their family group from this”

  • Audrey Greipl Ash Blue Finances, WA

“I always keep ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom’ on hand.

There are copies in my car ready to hand to someone that may need some extra education on their mortgage, not just my clients.

I had a chat to my hairdresser recently who just refinanced their home and didnt realise by refinancing how much money they could save. Upon giving her the book, not only did she read it, but she passed it on to her partner to read (who is a Fly-In Fly-Out worker) and he has now passed it on to his work colleagues on site.

They all felt the book is incredibly easy to read, for anyone to understand, and gave them some great pointers on how to reduce their mortgage with making some simple adjustments to their budget/lifestyle, that they feel doesn’t impact their life much at all!’

I have also set up a copy of The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom with a local real estate agent that is just getting off the ground. She is so thankful and excited to be able to add value to her client appointments especially since the book can be personalised to include her details as well as mine. As a collaborative effort we are excited to be able to offer clients a packaged service to make property purchasing/selling a breeze”.