Most aggregators give you the tools to be a Mortgage Broker — software, licensing and access to lenders — but they don’t give you the systems to generate, convert and maintain clients.

That is like being given the keys to a Ferrari without being able to refuel it whenever you want. Sure, it looks great, but it’s going nowhere fast.

My company, the Mortgage Australia Group, specialises in providing these critical missing ingredients of resources, systems and training in sales and marketing that are discussed in this book, and beyond. Everything we do is with the goal of increasing the attraction, conversion and retention of clients for the Mortgage Brokers we work with.

This is achieved through providing ‘done for you’ sales, marketing and referral systems that Brokers can apply to their own businesses as well as education and training on these best practice mortgage sales and marketing methods — all at highly competitive commission rates.

It’s all about promoting YOU as THE finance expert.

Facebook, online and offline educational marketing tools and system, automated and market-segmented follow-up systems, content marketing, your own unique version ofThe 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom and more — all in your brand, all about you.

That all means more clients for your business who see you as their trusted advisor.

You don’t need to do it all by yourself.

You don’t need to compromise your independence, commissions or aggregator support.

As well as everything Mortgage Australia does for you, because we are members of AFG, you also get all the resources, size and security provided by Australia’s largest aggregator.

You choose if you want to brand as Mortgage Australia or not and we don’t restrict how and where you work. Tap into the resources and systems we provide as you want.

Feel free to contact me, the author of this book, for a discussion of what you want your Mortgage Broking business to be and the ways in which myself and the resources of the Mortgage Australia Group can make your broking business more profitable.

You can also visit the Broker section of our website at www.mortgageaustralia. for more information about all the things we do to support the Brokers we work with.