It is simply not enough to be great at matching your clients to the best loans you can. If you can’t get the attention of potential borrowers and get them to at least consider that you may be a decent Mortgage Broker before they actually use you, no-one will ever use your services to know how good you are.

I would say, though, that if you are good at generating a steady stream of home loan leads for your business you are probably a better Broker, not least of all because you will be spending more time writing home loans and less time sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. But you do need to spend the time and effort getting your marketing right in the first place.


“Yes, marketing is everything. And marketing is a lot more complex than running a big, expensive ad campaign and waiting for the sales to come in. Marketing spans across all aspects of your business and across all customer contact points including your company’s web site, how you answer the phones, your marketing and PR campaigns, your sales process, how your sales reps present themselves (in person and on the phone), how you implement your products and/or services, how you account manage your customers (customer service), and how you solicit customer feedback. Marketing is everything.”

Mark Willaman


It is for that reason this book, and the business I run, are both focussed so heavily on answering this single question:

“What is it that you can systematically do that will get the attention of potential borrowers in a way that gets them to consider trusting you, so they contact you, predisposed to engage your broking services?”

There are many different Broking business models that succeed, suggesting that there are many different right answers to this question.

Whilst that is true, I believe there are fundamental marketing principles which apply to all successful Broking businesses, they are just applied in different forms and methods to varying markets, making them appear more diverse than they really are.