Wouldn’t it be great if the workmates of your clients saw them being publicly rewarded for getting their loan from you and at the same time got a powerful message about your expertise that they will keep for years.

Well, this is actually very easy to do and almost no other broker can do it as effectively and inexpensively as members of Mortgage Australia.

So if you want to get referrals from your clients, this is my best recommendation.

  1. Order copies of The Seven Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom. These books are exclusively available to members of Mortgage Australia. They can be personalised to you or we have generic, ‘clear’ versions that you can stapled your business card to. They only cost about $7 each to our member brokers.
  2. At the right time – usually when their loan is formally approved as that is when the clients opinion of you is highest – send a gift to their workplace. That can be a hamper, bottle of wine, etc. It doesn’t need to be expensive.
  3. Include with the gift a few copies of The Seven Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom with a note like this: ‘Congratulations on the approval of your new home loan. It was great to get such a good result. Feel free to give away these copies of my books, it’s how I spread the word about how I help people’.

Its as simple as that.

You now have huge social validation in front of other people who are just like your client. Perfect candidates for your next loan. People who now see you as an expert and will keep a copy of your book for years to come.

Remember, 68% of people leave a broker because they feel neglected. That is a huge opportunity for you when you show you don’t neglect your clients.

I’m sure these workmates will be comparing you to what their own broker or bank did for them after their loan was approved.

So no matter what you are doing with your past clients in terms of a thankyou or congratulations process, to multiply its effectiveness:

  • Do it at their workplace
  • Include copies of our books.

And if you back that up with occasional small gifts or resources of value to their workplace, as I have mentioned in my previous emails, you will be reminding not just one person as to how great you are, but many people.

This is conjunction with our Low Rate Forever Service really makes sure your clients are not going anywhere and are recommending you to their friends.

Our Low Rate Forever Service is a comprehensive, personalised post sales marketing system that we run free of charge for all our member brokers. Its kind of like a Private Banking experience for your clients, where you get all the credit and repeat business.

 If you are a Mortgage Broker and would like to know more, please visit www.mortgageaustralia.com.au/careers and watch our 30min video that introduces this, and many other unique marketing resources.