• Maintain the customer and protect your trails

Getting past the clawback period is just the beginning. Your Post Sales Marketing also has the goal of ring-fencing your client so other Brokers stand less chance of poaching them from you. Just because you have done a loan for that person in the past does not mean they won’t be swayed by other Brokers.

Your client may have an accountant who tries to get them to check their loans with their in-house Broker. However, if you have a process of reviewing your client’s loans every year they will be much less likely to take up their accountant’s offer. When doing their initial loan, during the sales process, you should let your client know the after sales-service they will receive, and that this includes a regular review of their loans.

Part of the reason we want to be part of a referral network, as I’ve described earlier in this book, where we are referring our clients to other services, is that we want to keep our clients within our circle of influence. Whenever your client is using a real estate agent, accountant, financial planner or anyone that isn’t linked to you, the greater the chance they can be pushed to another Broker.

  • Get repeat business

“Repeat business or behaviour can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned.” – Janet Robinson

You can’t assume your clients know when to contact you about their next loan. It is your job to educate them. Consistent and meaningful educational marketing is the way to do this, so your client knows when it is appropriate to get back in touch with you.

Through regular messages you are reinforcing what you told them when you were organising their loan, that this wasn’t a one-time deal and you plan to be their lifetime contact who looks after their lending needs whenever their circumstances change.

  • Get Referrals

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” – Shiv Singh

Every time you are in touch with your clients you have the potential to pick up referrals. What you want as a Broker is to know when someone is just thinking about getting a home loan. When someone is considering buying a new home, putting solar panels on the roof, renovating or putting in a pool, the first person they speak to is not a real estate agent, solar company, builder or pool company. They first speak with their friends and family and tell them what they are thinking of doing.

What we want is that our past clients think of us when their friends are speaking to them about big ticket items that may require a home loan, so there is a potential for them to mention us. This is where your content marketing needs to be teaching your clients about all the ways you can help them, and in turn their friends.

What is crucial to understand is that getting a loan for someone is just the beginning. It’s the start of a cycle of

keeping that client close to you, bringing them back for additional loans whilst encouraging them to recommend their friends to you. When effectively created it is the basis of moving you from running from deal to deal, chasing new clients, to building a client base that produces a predictable and stable level of business for you, in good and bad times.