From Seeing Results to Understanding How They See the Results

Throughout the loan process it doesn’t matter how good a job you do if your clients don’t see it that way. Perception is everything.You need to be regularly checking in with them to make sure they are happy with how things are going.

Don’t assume that if the loan was easy for you and it went through quickly, that they see it that way. All that matters is if they think it was easy for them and it happened as soon as they thought it should.

I find one of the biggest single issues for many Brokers is the frequency of contact with their clients during the loan process. A loan that sailed through without any issues but the client felt out of the loop and had to chase you for updates is going to be seen negatively by them. Always try and step back and see things from their perspective. How do you feel when someone is working for you and you have to call them up to find out what is happening?

From Thanking Clients to Congratulating Them

Getting your client’s home loan is a collaborative effort, they are not passive in the process, nor are they doing you a favour. They want to feel that they are making the right decision, rather than you are grateful that they would use your services. Make your customer feel like the hero of what you have done together.

When they choose your business, let them know they have done well by choosing you. Similarly, when the loan is approved, it is a shared success. When you start the process as an Authority figure in their eyes, they are likely happy they found you, so this is the position you should maintain.

The end result that you are trying to achieve is to have a client that feels genuinely understood and has been educated as to the ongoing value of your service and the reasons they should refer their friends to you.

Most Mortgage Brokers are very good at converting people they have appointments with into clients. You need to go further than this and educate them about the benefits of future loans from you, so when you do contact them down the track it is not a surprise – in fact they are expecting you to do it and will feel let down if you don’t.

Your clients don’t want a set and forget service where they have to work out when they should get their next loan, that want your expertise to guide them.

In my book, The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom, I explicitly prepare my clients for future loans organised by us, which lets them know we are interested in a long term relationship, not a single deal where they won’t see me again.

Our sales process then simply needs to reflect and reinforce this. Again, this is why a proper marketing process and substantial marketing assets play such a big role, because as well as attracting clients, they guide and support the whole sales process.