From Getting Agreement to Gaining Acceptance

In my experience, most Brokers want to get the loan done and move on, not wanting to rock the boat or drag things out. The problem with this is that just getting the client to agree to the loan you have recommended isn’t setting the stage for a longer term relationship where you can obtain the full potential lifetime value for and from this client.

“Nobody cares about your products (except you)” – David Meerman Scott

My own experience is that the process of selecting the right home loan is a pretty boring one for clients. Sure, they want to save money and they want to know they are getting a good deal, but for most clients it’s all a bunch of numbers, just another chore they need to get done to move onto what they are really interested in.

Your focus shouldn’t just be on getting them to buy from you, but rather to get them to understand the full breadth of your services to them, now and in the future.

Your goal is that they accept thatyou are the person that looks after their loans from now on.

From Judging Results to Evaluating the Relationship

For most Brokers, a successful outcome is a good loan that saves the client money and settles without any major problems or delays. This is a good start, but to become a Trusted Advisor you need to focus on also having the outcome of a strong relationship with your clients. The real value of your business, and your ability to survive in tough times, is your client base, and more specifically, how strong your relationship is with those clients.

Money in the bank is great, but the dollar value of a business is its future earnings. If your clients are just as likely to use another Broker as you next time, you are vulnerable.

The Sales process needs to be one of building a relationship with your client, educating them as to your value and preparing them for the future ways in which you will assist them. Your Initial Marketing sets the stage for this, your Sales and customer service builds on this and your Post Sales Marketing continues to educate, remind and prompt them.