From Self Interest to Their Interest

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

It goes without saying that your focus needs to be exclusively on what they are trying to get out of this, that is the essence of creating the personal trust that I have defined previously. A moderate number of happy clients will generate a lot more income for you than a larger number of unhappy ones.

Fortunately, I think this comes very naturally to most Mortgage Brokers, not just due to the very competitive nature of our industry but the incentive system of Mortgage Broking itself. In general, our interests are tightly aligned with our client’s interests.

You client might ask about rates and fees, but what they really want to know is whether you can get them a loan, how long it’s going to take and what is it going to cost them each week or month to repay.

Creating real personal trust in the eyes of your client flows naturally from our sales approach of listening and learning rather than pushing towards a sale. The effort you need to expend is finding out what is in their best interests in the first place – when your client can see you doing that it will enhance their trust in you. It is the sentiment that matters.

From Staying in Touch with Clients to Educating Clients

At the outset of the appointment you should be explaining all the services you provide and different areas you can help them with.

During the Sales process our role in educating them doesn’t stop. Your Initial Marketing has presented you as an Authority in the field of Mortgage Broking,

and you want all your interactions with your client to be reflecting this. Teach them about how they should be managing their loan, as well as preparing them for why you will be in touch to help them in the future, so when you call them to review their loans it is expected.

For me, this is where my book is the gift that keeps on giving as it provides something for me to keep referring to that educates them on how we will set up the loan this time around, whilst also preparing them for the next loans I’ll be doing for them. In addition, I am happy to provide educational resources provided by other people — be they accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, property investors, etc., — because it all serves to bolster my position as an expert. By giving educational items, even those created by others, it tells people that I am on top of this topic, I have read and understand it, so they don’t need to.

When we do move into Post Sales Marketing we need to keep this up. Our Post Sales Marketing reinforces what you have told them during the Sales process, educating them as to how you will help them with their next stage of borrowing, helping them become mortgage free and build wealth.