Here we are talking about picking up the phone and calling potential clients.
Cold calling people is very difficult to do for most people. So if you do it, you want to get the best possible conversion rates.
Just calling people and trying to convince them to have you come into their home is tough. For every person who might be open to that, there are dozens more that could be converted through a longer process that allows you to build trust and credibility.
This is the process I recommend for outbound phone marketing:
  1. Don’t call up to try and make an appointment, call to see if they would like a free copy of your company’s book called ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom’.
  2. Get their email address and sign them up on your personalised email system. You can also send them a direct email with your offer you would have made to them over the phone.
  3. They then get a copy of the book and start getting follow-up emails from you.
  4. Follow up with another phone call a week later to see how they found the book. Try and get an appointment then.
If someone won’t accept a free book from you they aren’t going to accept an appointment. Let the book do the hard work and selling for you.
People need a reason to trust you, so give it to them. Anyone you haven’t converted right away will still be on your email list for months to come, so let the emails and book do their work. You can now contact them when you want and will have turned a cold call into a warmer one.
As a general rule, if I want to get a specific person on the phone and warm up that call, I’ll mail them a physical copy of my book first. It makes all the difference when it comes to opening doors and starting conversations on the front foot.