Following on in my list of the top 10 most effective marketing techniques for Mortgage Brokers and how I boost them for you, here is number 3, speaking engagements.

I can help you get more attendees, more conversions, give you instant credibility and build your reputation faster amongst your audience and target market.

Here we are talking about seminars and any sort of public speaking event where you can build your profile and inform people about how you can make their lives better.

I would consider a speaking engagement to be the second step in 3 step educational marketing. It is an educational item that positions you as the expert to your target audience.

The ways I can help you improve your results from any speaking engagement are:

  1. Offer a free copy of ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom’ to attendees at the end of the seminar or webinar. This helps attract them to come along and stick around till the end. It also provides all the expertise boost that the book normally gives you and enhances their perception of you. It also gives them something to take away with them that they will keep.
  2. Get all your attendees email addresses and add them to our email follow-up system. You will get more responses from the series of emails than you will from the immediate speaking event as a lot of people won’t want to act right away, no matter how great what it is you are saying.
  3. Use content and examples from my book to speak about. After all, my book is a sales argument for mortgage brokers.
  4. Do joint seminars with other speakers and create co-branded versions of my book to cross-promote each other.

The end result is that you will look a lot better to your audience with a book in your hand when you are speaking that covers all the ways you are going to help them – and you’ll give them a copy to take home with them – and you’ll stay in touch with more helpful information.

More attendees, more conversions, making you look the best you can.