In practice, creating such a system takes a lot of work, and then a lot of testing and measuring, to optimise. This is what I have done over the past few years.

An example of this was where I used a competition offer with a general email follow-up process. This was fairly effective and motivated me to expand upon this concept.

I then wrote a 49-page report that I gave away for free about refinancing and how to save money on your home loan, followed by a specific sequence of messages related to refinancing. Over a two-month period it produced leads that resulted in $15.74 Million in settled loans.

The success of this prompted me to go the whole way, and I then wrote my first book, ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom’, which is now my flagship marketing asset. It is however, just one part of a number of marketing systems that we use to get more clients, referrers, referrals and repeat business.

This book, and the marketing systems that it is a part of, are the culmination of my Psychology education and my experience in lead generation and sales in the mortgage industry. This book was methodically and purpose written to be a lead generation tool and is designed to create lifetime clients and move them and you as their Broker through the lifecycle of their borrowing.

I have now expanded the use of the book as a co-branded tool with other Brokers and referral partners to further increase leads and lead quality.

As I write this, my loan volumes in my home state of Western Australia are 61% higher than my previous best years when I was producing leads cheaply and easily online, and that is in a depressed Perth market. I am having a steady stream of new Brokers hearing about me and wanting to work with me and use the tools I’ve created. I can unequivocally state that the marketing systems I have built around that book have revolutionised my business and has set me up on a growth trajectory beyond anything I have previously achieved.

The biggest challenge I see for Brokers is not having a clear plan as to what they should be doing every day to build their businesses and generate more clients and more effective referral relationships. Most Brokers are not lazy, they are prepared to take action, but they lack a proven blueprint to follow.

So I am happy to share these methods with you. You may choose to create your own for yourself or take advantage of the resources I have already built, and will make available, to a limited number of Brokers.