I find a lot of people use the term ‘Sales and Marketing’ to describe their jobs. That is fine, as long as you are completely clear that Sales and Marketing are two completely separate activities, with completely different goals. They are related in that one leads to the other and they need to be coherent with each and ideally have a circular relationship, because how well one is done determines how easily the next happens.

It would actually be more accurate to say ‘Marketing and Sales’ than ‘Sales and Marketing, because Marketing always leads Sales.

I define Marketing as what you do to get people to become aware of your services and which then motives them to contact you in the first place. Sales is the conversation you have with them when they contact you that, if successful, gets them to agree to have an appointment with you.

Once again, this is the same whether it is dealing with potential clients or potential professional referrers.

If you pay a lead generation company to provide you leads, that company is doing your marketing for you. They have explained to people what you do and have persuaded them to give their contact details for you to call them. So you then have a sales conversation with them to get them to agree to use your services. If you manage to do that, and then do a great job for that client, you can then begin marketing to them with the goal of doing future loans for them or their friends.

This is why I say Marketing and Sales are circular. It starts with Initial Marketing, then the client moves into Sales, then you do as good a job as you can in the Operational component of your business, then the Post Sales Marketing begins to move them back to Sales for when they need their next home loan.

There are differences between Initial Marketing and Post Sales Marketing, as Initial Marketing is educating them about doing their first loan with you, whilst Post Sales Marketing requires different messages and media as it is directed towards a different market — people who have already done a loan with you. Your Post Sales Marketing is targeted to educate them as to when they should speak to you about their next loan and also educating them as to when and how they should refer others to you, as well as building your Trusted Advisor status.

In a lot of businesses, the Marketing and Sales functions are run by different departments and this has the potential for creating conflict. This is because the marketing department is focused on making promises that get people through the doors that the sales department may not be able to fulfill.

This is probably also the major concern of regulators. Mortgage Brokers who tell clients one thing in their marketing that they were never able to deliver on.

What is critical is that the Marketing message and the Sales conversation are congruent. Your Marketing is a promise and the Sales conversation has to match as it is an extension of that promise that got them to call you in the first place. And for that matter, your Operations, the service you provide, has to really match the promise you have gotten them to accept or you’ll just create disillusioned clients who see you the same as every other salesperson who promises the world and doesn’t deliver.

When everything is congruent and you over-deliver on your promises and add value to your services beyond your client’s expectations, your Post Sales Marketing is more effective and the Sales process for repeat clients becomes easy.