“Let go of the traditional sales goal of ‘making the sale’ and replace it with a new goal: to discover the truth of your potential client’s situation.” – Ari Galper

Your first goal is finding out from your potential client the truth of their current situation. Only then can you know if you should be moving towards an appointment with them or taking other actions. This continues to the appointment itself because its only through really listening to your clients that you can you come to an appropriate solution rather than one based on misinformation. But there are a lot of other benefits that this approach provides to both you and your clients.

I think for most, the concept of selling is firstly convincing their prospect that they need something and secondly that they should get it from you. This is the traditional ‘tin man’ sales approach that is all about leading the conversation down a direct path with prepared lines for ‘objection handling’ and with a predetermined outcome.