Recently I spoke about how I help you build a positive online reputation.

There is one other major advantage of the system I have created. 

It also collects genuine opinions from your clients about your services.

Businesses that regularly survey their clients and ask them how they can do things differently or better to improve their services, improve much faster than those that just blindly assume their clients love how they work.

In a comparison of high growth firms v no-growth firms, a third of high growth firms regularly surveyed their clients whilst none of the no-growth firms did.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it can lead to unemployment.

It is a simple aspect of business that if you regularly ask your clients what you are doing well and what you are doing poorly, you can actually improve your services in the areas that matter – what your client actually wants you to be doing for them, not just what you think they want you to do for them.

​​​​​​With my unique ‘5 Star Rating System‘, we are collecting real feedback from your clients and learning how they really see your services and therefore how you can improve.

But crucially, we don’t let our mistakes haunt us online for years to come.

As Bill Gates says, ‘Your most unhappy clients are your greatest source of learning.’ 

I agree, but we don’t wan’t them to tarnish our reputation publicly.

My system makes that very unlikely to happen because I make it easy for your happy clients to publicly rate you and build a positive online reputation for you, whilst directing average or negative feedback to be handled privately and allowing you to improve more rapidly than brokers who stick their head in the sand.

It is a best practice process for collecting real feedback and promoting public positive reviews.

The end result is that your online reputation is the best version of you.