Facebook uses a 5-star rating system and people can also leave a written comment about you. You should of course also request all your future happy clients to leave reviews on your various Social Media pages. What others say about you is always much more powerful than what you say about yourself. It also has the added benefit of training people to tell others about you, that it is something you want them to do for you. They have publicly put their name to recommend you which is a great start for getting referrals from them.

Most people pay a lot of attention to reviews of businesses or products when looking for a service or something to buy. If I see a business with dozens of 5 star reviews and another with no reviews, it is going to guide my decision. Not only that, the higher your star rating on Facebook, the more reputable that Facebook views you and is apparently a factor in how often they display your posts in users’ news feeds. The more you can get, the better.

I would also get into the habit of posting case studies whenever you do a loan. You don’t need to name your clients, certainly not without their written permission. Just write about their situation, the problem they were facing, how you helped them and quantify how much better off they are because of what you did for them.

Make the customer the hero of your story.”

Ann Handley

Be as specific as possible without abusing their privacy. The more detail you put into it the more real it will be and relatable to the people who read it. For example, something starting with ‘I recently helped a young Doubleview couple with a new baby on the way. They wanted to renovate their house to make room for their growing family. Like with any new family there were going to be a lot of new expenses coming up, so I wanted to make sure we made it as low cost for them as possible …’.

By doing this you are making others in similar situations see themselves and that what you do is relevant for them. Tell a story, stories are the best ways to educate your clients.

What do i love the most about my job?

Today i was reviewing the home loans of one of my clients. His bank hasn’t been looking after him and upon looking at his position i worked out i could save him $11,100 per year by changing just the product he was on, but keeping him with the same bank!!!! That is crazy!! This is why our jobs are so important, we worl for you, look after you and provide regular “checkups” on your loan, to make sure you are in the best product suited for your needs! We go on about reviewing finances, but it really does pay off:)

Make sure to let your client know about the post and let them know they are welcome to share it with their friends if they wish. Make your customer the hero of the story and they will be more likely to share it. And once again, it helps to reinforce to your clients that it is normal for them to recommend you to others.
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Remember also that it’s not enough to ask your clients to recommend you, you also have to give them a simple way to do it. Social Media is perfectly suited for this, but you still need to make it as easy as possible and set it all up for them so all they are left to do is make a few mouse clicks.