• From Staying in Touch with Clients to Educating Clients

“As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about.” – Larry Weber

The traditional sales method is that once you have made contact with a potential customer, or after you have done business with them, you remind them you are still around and available for a future transaction.

With this goal in mind, you need to move beyond simply staying in touch, which I define as sending product and pricing updates and sales messages with ‘calls to action’ designed to provoke people to do a loan with you again. These are the sorts of messages I expect from a website I have bought a new laptop from, displaying all the latest models and special offers they have. These sorts of messages reinforce that we have a transactional relationship that will only continue as long as there is a new deal I want to take advantage of. It keeps telling me our relationship is about me buying off them and them selling to me.

Your Trusted Advisor doesn’t communicate in this way. He doesn’t send you a mass email saying ‘Don’t forget me for your next home loan, we have great low interest rates available.’ Instead he sends educational information that is relevant and targeted to that client, with the goal of informing them and improving their knowledge, and thereby their lives. It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about yourself and your services, but it means you need to talk about yourself as it relates to informing them about the ways you help them.

Implied in that educational information is the message that you understand your client’s circumstances (because the information is relevant to them), that you are an authority and expert in your field (because the information you are providing them is accurate and useful) and that you are trying to help them for their sake (because you are not always holding your hand out asking for a deal in return).

  • From Getting Agreement to Gaining Acceptance

“Begin to let go of thinking about making the sale. Focus all your thoughts on helping people to solve problems.” – Ari Galper


In a transactional relationship the end goal is an agreement to do the transaction. As Mortgage Brokers that is getting your prospective client to agree to have you organise their loan. Later you need to get them to agree again to do their next loan, and so on. Each transaction is a single, discrete agreement to do business. Simply doing this does make the next transaction more likely simply through force of habit and familiarity, but it doesn’t guarantee it and it means you still need to work to earn it.

What you want is for them to accept your business and your services as the ongoing solution to their lending needs. You want them to recognise you as the person who takes over their loans and is the person they will always contact when financial questions arise. And when they contact you they are not necessarily seeking out a new loan, nor should you be thinking they are, but that you will guide as to best action they should take, irrespective of the outcome to yourself.