So how do we change the relationship from transactional to one of a Trusted Advisor? We need to approach things very differently, and I have outlined the changes you need to make in how you are dealing with the client. In all cases, you have to be authentic. You can’t fake sincerity over the long term. People will see through you. In that case you are not their Trusted Advisor, just pretending to be one.

When we discuss specific marketing methods later in the book, you will see that the key to generating ‘warm’ client contacts that require little sales effort is by making building trust your top priority in every marketing pathway that your client might take to get to you – whether that is from referral partners, social media, print advertising, etc. By doing this you are laying the groundwork towards developing a Trusted Advisor relationship. A lot of the concepts I’ll discuss next can occur before you even speak to your prospective client.

  • From Getting to Giving

In a transactional relationship you are concerned about what you are getting and want to give away as little as possible. You are focussed on your net gain and if you aren’t gaining what you expect you will stop interacting. As a transactional Mortgage Broker you are focussed on getting paid for organising the loan. If you aren’t going to organise their loan and get paid there is no reason to help these borrowers.

In a Trusted Advisor relationship, the Mortgage Broker is concerned only with what they are giving to their clients and that it is of genuine value to them. One of the most basic aspects of human nature is to give something to build a relationship.


Of all the things I will talk about regarding Trusted Advisors, I believe this simple concept is by far the most important and it underpins the marketing and business systems you need to develop — both with your clients and referral partners. Nothing creates clients and referrers faster and more easily than giving them something that has value to them. On the most basic level, people only ever go to a Mortgage Broker or any salesperson to get something for themselves.

Of course we hope to get their business in return, but a Trusted Advisor gives to others knowing this draws them into their circle of influence, then, when and if the timing is right, the benefit will flow back to them.

Sure, some people take and never give back. But if you are able to position yourself as the person they need to help them get what they want, you will get results.

In business, we get what we want when we give others what they want.