Recently I posted about how important it is to build a strong, positive online reputation.

In fact, your online reputation is the most common way people choose a broker, after a personal recommendation.

If another broker has 5 stars and lots recent reviews next to their name and you have few or none, you lost and you didn’t even know it happened.

My system will make you like the broker at the top of this list – with 5 stars and lots of reviews. Who is the client going to choose?


So, now I am going to briefly discuss how I build your online reputation for you – consistently and systematically – so you can spend more time writing loans and providing the great customer service that backs up my campaign to get public reviews and opinions of you.

I have built a completely automated process for collecting positive reviews for you – I call it the 5 Star Rating System.

There are some critical components that I am not going to reveal here, but what I can reveal is that this is the outcome for you:

  • Regular public reviews and ‘star ratings’ being left by your real clients where they are seen publicly and in search engine results.
  • When people look for a local broker in their area you name will pop up with increasing regularity and with a high star rating (ideally 5 stars) next to your name and an increasing number of recent reviews.
  • Positive reviews accumulating for you on Facebook and Google.
  • No average or low reviews being left – even in the rare circumstances you have had a bad experience with a client (not every loan goes perfectly no matter how good a job we do, we all know that).
  • Clients that are particularly happy with you being prompted to recommend you to their friends.

All of this happens completely in the background, on your behalf, at no cost to you.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you want a genuine advantage, just contact me and let’s talk about a support system for brokers that actually helps you build your business where it matters.