I know I harp on about it, but I truly believe that if you are acting completely out of your own self-interest, that the most profitable relationship for you as a Mortgage Broker is also the most profitable relationship for your client.

Getting your clients to understand this is a big part of the challenge of your business in creating personal trust.

My first book, ‘The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom was expressly written as a purpose built marketing tool for Mortgage Brokers to attract new clients, generate referrals and repeat business. One of its key messages is to explain to borrowers how and why the incentives of a Mortgage Broker are strongly aligned with their own goals of becoming mortgage free faster and building wealth.

The steps in the book are things every Broker will understand:

  1. Why you need to become mortgage free faster (it is always good to reinforce with the problem you are there to solve).
  2. How to properly compare home loans
  3. How to regularly review your loans and when to refinance to better deals
  4. How to get the right loan and any discounts you are entitled to
  5. Mortgage traps to avoid
  6. Smarter money management
  7. Getting safely started in property investment

As a Mortgage Broker, you have a clear role in each of these steps which will either generate you a new loan or increase your value to your client, building your status as their Trusted Advisor, so they come back to you and readily refer others.

The ideal end result is a client who has paid off their home faster and has moved into investing in property in a safe and measured way.

Ideal for them, but also ideal for you, that now you have a client who has completed multiple loans with you and is building a property investment portfolio with your continued assistance.

As far as I’m concerned, that is the true win-win every Broker should be working towards.